Monday, March 23, 2009

Folding and Organism

Fiona Hall's Dead in water uses PVC, glass beads and wire as materials of choice 1.The beads are thread on to the wire which is the wound up and around to create three dimensional structures 2. These then have been suspended from PVC pipes that are on the top of the display and appear to float within the glass box. Hall would have thread the beads and then individual finished each element of the piece before attaching them to the already suspended PVC pipes, that appear to be fixed on to the glass. Rosalie Gascoigne is trained in Ikebana; the Japanese art of arrangement that has helped her look at things in a different way 3.Since she spent most of her time in the mountains in New Zealand most of the material she used had to be what she could find. Her art comes from things that can be found discarded as rubbish everyday things no one gives a second look. She collected pieces that were particularly interesting, brought them home washed them down and the used them in her pieces.In Gazette she has used an old wooden box and sawed it into triangles which she has then re arranged on plywood. If you look closely it almost looks like a man with a baton.

1.Dead in the Water:
2.Fiona Hall’s Force Field:
3.The Poerty of Trash:

Monday, March 16, 2009

this is the best i could do even after the tutorials i chose an easier drawing to base my model on since i couldnt really manage to do the initial idea justice.below is the first attempt i made at the other idea.If any one out there has the time i'd love some help with sketch up.
My two words were Origami and Floating.

sorry about the quality but it was scanned as a pdf file will upload aother copy in a day or two.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Assignment 1

Work From High School

This piece of work is probably a bit older than high school.
The piece experiments with the usage of different methods and mediums;painting ,collage and block printing.This creates a mosaic inspired look with layers and texture.
The flower motif,thin lines and the lace represent the feminine element of the piece.The colors of the work were inspired by Nature.This was essentially the aim because the piece was intended for my mother.

Something Beautiful

In itself this marble gazebo is striking but it isn't just the lattice work that makes this structure beautiful,its the story behind it and what it contains.
This marble Gazebo was once situated in Sadiq Garh Palace and the Nawab's wife would sit inside it feeding the pigeons.When she died the Nawab had the Gazebo removed from the Palace and re-built in the Royal Grave yard,which is situated in the Cholistan Desert.
The Gazebo now contains the Lady's grave which is adorned with semi precious stone carefully cut in the most intricate motifs.

Great Architecture

La Mezquita de Cordoba was a roman temple that was later in the 7th century made into a mosque by adding to it and then later in 1236 it was converted into a cathedral.
This building has various influences and styles of architecture as a result of its history;Renaissance,Moorish and Gothic.This combination of styles has resulted in a most interesting and breath taking interior.

Fiona Hall
Dead in the water
PVC pipe,glass beads, wire
Vitrine dimensions


Tracy Moffat
First Jobs, Pineapple Cannery 1976
Archival Pigment on Rice Paper with Gel Medium
71X9.5 cm

N:Mass production,V:Packaging ,A:Repetitive

Rosalie Gascoigne
Sawn Wood on Plywood
77.5X59 cm

N:Origami, V:Rearrange,A:Geometric