Monday, June 22, 2009

Link to Final Model

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The final images

This is an example from the corridors of power. The floating position of the mover represents the fact that these clients are operating on a higher plane than the average person. White represents purity, truth and power.

The meeting place is inspired by the idea of equality, where neither client is stronger than the other. The form of the circle allows this, and when both come together in this form it is stronger. The circular shape of the meeting space represents the scales of justice.

The hexagonal elements represent spheres and the numbers represent the possibilities when different spheres of influence come into contact and work together as a collective. Red has been used because it represents strength and opportunity. The meeting space’s openness represents freedom and the restriction of the public eye.

Sketchup drafts

This is Obama's mover which is inspired by historical kingship and which provides enhanced security for such a public figure.

Madonna's elevator is inspired by social entrapment and her ability to break stereotypes and to turn events toward her will. For this reason, the cage is broken.

This mover in Madonna's space is inspired by her belief in sexual equality, and therefore it is round with no side more powerful than the other.

Here is the final table draft which represents strength through its geometric design, which in turn represents the many spheres in which the clients have influence.

This is the original table draft however it did not import well into UT.

Peer reviews

Drafts of the spaces

Pathway above Obama's office

Madonna's rehearsal space

Pathway above Obama's office

Mover from Madonna's office to meeting space

The meeting space

View from Obama's office

The H perspectives

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Textured Movement

Obama's II

Draft II of Obama's space.
Free Form


Process of construction for the elevator and its evolution to the final one.


here i tried to explore the idea that power has a delicate balance.

Draft Env 1

meeting space corridors

obama's hanging office
Split level office for madonna

Monday, June 1, 2009

F's revised